International affirmation

In 2006, the International Olympic Committee included the Sports Academy in the world's top ten list of schools offering training and specialization of coaches. This is an indicator of a high evaluation of our educational activities and degrees abroad.

In 2014, the Sports Academy signed a cooperation agreement with the Tesla Science Evolution Institute and Quantum Beauty Co. (Adelaide, Australia). This cooperation relates to the development of projects and publications in the field of sports techniques and recovery in sport. So far two projects have been realized, which has resulted in publishing three books in English and six papers.

In cooperation with the National Academy in Sofia and Professor Cvetan Željaskov, the Academy issued a textbook entitled Physical Conditioning of Elite Athletes in 2006.

Since 2005, the Sports Academy has established cooperation with the following Russian basketball clubs: Khimki (Moscow), Unics (Kazan), and Lokomotiv (Rostov).

Since 2012, the Academy has been cooperating with Fenerbahçe (Istanbul, Turkey) as well. The cooperation has been based on the exchange of professional and practical knowledge between Sports Academy professors and the clubs’ professional staff, and on our experts’ professional performance in these clubs.