Leon Lukman

leon lukman
Professor Leon Lukman, pole vaulter, was born on 27 October 1931 in Kragujevac, Serbia.

Education: He completed Technical School (Mechanical Department), Higher Education School of Athletics and Skiing Coaching, and the Faculty of Sport in Belgrade.

Employment: He was a rationalisation official in the car factory in Kragujevac in 1950/51, physical education teacher from 1959 to 1961, Professor of Biomechanics at the University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad from 1961 to 1996, and he has been Professor of Biomechanics at the Sports Academy since 1996.

Social engagement: He was the President of the Commissions for Professional Work of Athletics, Table Tennis, and Skiing Associations of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Professor Lukman headed the professional work of Partizan Sports Society and Red Star Sports Society from 1970 to 2011. For many years he was an athletics trainer, etc.

Professional and Scientific Work: He has published more than 150 papers and more than 12 exercise books and textbooks in the field of sport. He has completed more than 30 projects in the field of sport and physical education for the Serbian Ministry of Education and Sport and sports associations and societies in Serbia and abroad.

Awards: The Charter of the Olympic Committee of Yugoslavia for the success at the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, The Labour Order, 1st class, of Yugoslavia, Award of the City of Belgrade for Lifetime Achievement, Award for the Scientific Work of Serbia, etc.

Pole Vaulting Results: for 27 years he was an active member of the first team of Red Star Athletics Club from Belgrade, for 12 years he was a member of the National Athletics Team of Yugoslavia, representing Yugoslavia he won the first medal at the Students' World Competition in Paris in 1957, he reached the finals of the European Athletics Competition in Stockholm in 1958, he reached the finals of the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, he won four gold medals at the Athletics World and European Competitions in the pole vault and high jump in masters category in Goetherborg and Viareggio in 1977/78, etc.