Protocol on Cooperation between Killer Sports Group and the Sports Academy

Date: 11/28/2016 09:00 • • Viewcount: 214
The Protocol on Cooperation between KILLER SPORTS GROUP Zu Hd. Herrn Michael Prinz von Anhalt and the Sports Academy was signed on 22 November 2016. This partnership cooperation agreement envisages:

Ernest Kalac, Wolfgang Weigert, Leon Lukman and Maximilian Michael

  • An exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in training sports experts.
  • Sports experts’ permanent education and vocational training.
  • The realisation of three-month internships of Sports Academy students at Killer Sports Group's facilities. The internships shall be financed by the two parties.
  • The devising of strategies, projects, and programmes.
  • Common appearance in the media.
  • The organisation of common seminars, symposia, and congresses on sports recreation and fitness.

In the name of Killer Sports Group and the Sports Academy, the Protocol was signed by Michael Prinz von Anhalt and Leon Lukman respectively.

Ernest Erko Kalac, Maximilian Michael i Wolfgang Weigert

Maximilian Michael, Sinisa Jasnic i Djordje Visacki

Ernesto Erko Kalac