The Sports Academy Marked Its 20th Anniversary

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Sports Academy College of Higher Vocational Studies began its mission in the field of education and sport 20 years ago. In 1996, at the suggestion of a former athletics competitor and record holder, Leon Lukman, Partizan Sports Association, Red Star Sports Association, the Serbian Olympic Committee, and the City of Belgrade decided to found this institution. Of course, Professor Lukman was the fifth co-founder of the Academy and has been its leader ever since. As he said yesterday at the City of Belgrade Assembly celebration, this school has produced 1956 graduates since its establishment. Not only are there former top athletes among them, but also world-famous sports experts and administrators who play a significant role in both world and Serbian sport.

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The article published in Politika on 14/10/2016

klaudija bokel leon lukman
Claudia Bokel and Professor Lukman in front of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade

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