Wolfgang Weigert to hold lectures at the Sports Academy

Date: 11/26/2016 09:00 • • Viewcount: 143
Wolfgang Weigert, a visiting professor at the Sports Academy, the President of the German Karate Federation, and a member of the WKF and EKF, will be holding a series of lectures in the 2016/17 academic year.

sportska akademija Vofgang Vajgert i Misel Maksimilijan
Sports Academy - Zoran Jerkovic, Wolfgang Weigert, Maximilian Michael i Djordje Visacki


  • Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs by Means of Karate
  • Methods and Technology of Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs
  • Organisation of Karate in Germany
  • Why Karate Is an Olympic Sport
  • Strategy of Karate Development in Germany and the region