Specialist Vocational Studies

Training in Top Sport

Training in Top Sport

Upon the completion of the specialist vocational study programme Training in Top Sport students are able to:

  • work independently in the field of training in individual and team top sports
  • plan, design, implement, and evaluate training in top sport
  • successfully transfer and apply theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of top sport training
  • participate in tasks related to the preparation and evaluation of sports programmes and develop a strategy for sports development
  • implement entertainment, selection, and guidance of top athletes
  • supervise and direct the mode and way of life of professional athletes
  • involve in the immediate preparation and organization of training and competitions, independently plan and programme top sport training, establish goals and objectives of training in top sport and participate in the provision of material and technical base for training and competitions
  • promote combat against the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs as well as doping and deviations in sport
  • mitigate the environment's negative impact on the athlete and ensure athlete safety and security during training and competitions

Exams timetable

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